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Cleo - Wallet for the Visually Impaired

Avuser-friendly wallet design to empower independence for people with visual impairments.

Survey Research

Identifying a Need

Types of Visual Impairment (17 Respondents).png

Understanding the Spectrum of Visual Impairment: Types and Severities

Exploring Payment Habits of Individuals with Sight Loss

Payment Preferences of People with Severe Sight Loss (10 Participants).png
Wallet Features People with Severe Sight Loss Would Find Useful.png
How Severely Sighted Individuals Differentiate Different Bank Notes.png
Other Essentials People with Severe Sight Loss Carry on a Daily Basis (Out of 10 Participa

While developing the survey, I included this question to gather more information about the daily experiences of individuals with visual impairment. I hope that the insights gained from this question will inform the design of my visually impaired-friendly wallet. For instance, whether I could incorporate some of the daily items (e.g. keys) into the wallet itself.

Research + Mechanisms Exploration

Interviewing the Community

Designing for accessibility: During the design process, I reached out to the locals with visual impairments through a Facebook post. An interview was also conducted with Sophie. The Visually Impaired-Friendly Wallet, tested and recommended by those who need it most.



Cleo is an easy-to-navigate wallet designed specifically for individuals with visual impairments with embedded RFID blocking function. It features a spacious and customizable layout, with pockets and compartments for all of your essential items. The wallet also includes raised Braille labeling and large, bold text to make it easy for those with low vision to identify the contents of each compartment. In addition, it has a tactile surface that allows users to easily find the buttons, slots, and zippers. The wallet is made with durable materials, so it can withstand daily use. This wallet is designed to make organization, storage, and access to daily items more convenient and efficient for people with visual impairments.

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