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Selecting the Right ESP8266 NodeMCU Board for Low Power Applications

ESP8266 NodeMCU boards are the perfect microcontroller boards for Internet of Things (IoT) projects, providing a powerful combination of Wi-Fi capabilities and microcontroller functionality. However, when it comes to low power applications, it is essential to choose a NodeMCU board that is specifically designed to minimize power usage. In this article, we will take a closer look at the different types of ESP8266 NodeMCU boards, and their power usage, to help you select the ideal board for your low power IoT project and unleash its full potential!

One of the most important features to consider when choosing a low power NodeMCU board is the ability to enter into deep sleep mode. This powerful feature allows the microcontroller to turn off most of its components and reduce its current usage to a minimum, making it a game-changer for low power IoT applications.

ESP-01S Board

An excellent example of a low power NodeMCU board is the ESP-01S. This board is a great choice for low power applications and is packed with features that make it an ideal choice for your project. It can be powered via USB, has an integrated Wi-Fi antenna, 1MB of flash memory, and 2 digital I/O pins, and has a deep sleep current as low as 20uA.

Another great option for low power applications is the ESP-12E, which also has deep sleep mode feature and has 4MB of flash memory, 11 digital I/O pins, and 1 analog input pin. This board can be powered via USB and has an integrated Wi-Fi antenna, making it a great choice for your low power IoT project.


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It is important to keep in mind that current usage will also depend on the specific application and usage of the Wi-Fi function. If the Wi-Fi is used frequently, the current usage will be higher. However, with the deep sleep mode feature, you can easily minimize the power usage and extend the battery life of your project. It is important to measure the power consumption of the board under different scenarios, to ensure that it meets the requirements of your specific project.

In conclusion, low power applications are crucial for IoT projects, and selecting the right ESP8266 NodeMCU board is vital to unlocking the full potential of your project. The ESP-01S and ESP-12E are both excellent choices for low power applications, packed with features that will help you create powerful, energy-efficient projects. So, don't wait any longer, choose your board today and start unleashing the power of IoT!


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