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EmoBloom Packaging Design

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Hi, I'm Lisa, a Product Design Engineer specialising in consumer electronics. Through this mini exercise of designing a packaging for EmoBloom (a product I created in the Fall semester), I would to exercise my design thinking, lens and considerations for innovative packaging solutions. The knowledge gained from Brown and RISD's MADE program has also further equipped me with a deep understanding of user-centric design and high-level design thinking processes, which I hope to exemplify in this mini project alongside my industry experience.

Design Brief

Create a packaging design for EmoBloom, a product that will be shipped into the hands of consumers around the world. The packaging should be simple, mimicking the design language of Apple packaging. Additionally, it should help build up excitement up until the delivery of the product.


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Eco-Friendly Design


24/7 Support


Multilingual Functionality


Advanced Tech


Easy Tear Box Seal


Repurposable Outer Box

What Makes Apple Product Packaging so Iconic?


Service Name

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Service Name

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Principles of Packaging Design

What Should Packaging Design Have?

Ability to Protect Goods
(Pass Reliability Tests)

Branding Consistency
& Builds up Anticipation

Keep Cost in Check


Clarity and Simplicity

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Drop Test

Impact Test

Thermal Cycling

Advanced Tech

Potential Sustainability Strategies for Packaging


Downsizing- saving material cost and freight cost


Material Choice- Choosing materials based on life cycle and carbon footprint


Label Free- e.g. through engraving, interaction through AR/projection or NFC/RFID smart packaging solutions.


Waterproof protection alternatives- Not Using Shrink Wrap Film


Reduce assembly steps- reduces carbon footprint and cost for HC and fixtures.


Encouraging repurposing of packaging- e.g. turning boxes into phone stands through origami or for kids to draw on it


Encouraging recycling of boxes- clear labels and instructions


Reduce or eliminate user manual- could replace with styled QR codes


Eco-Ink and Coating- ink that won't contaminate water or oil. Cons: may have low resistance to external conditions.


Biodegradable material with added twist-

Fun Fact

For my Spring semester project, I am currently working on developing ceiling tiles and siding panels from hemp fibers! As a team of 7, we have gotten into the MIT i-Corps program and Brown Entrepreneurship Mentorship program. Moreover, we got our hands on the world's strongest genetically modified hemp fibers from Cornell University.

Another fun fact! My current favorite "tool" is something called the "wildcard thinking". Thinking about what I can't do and the most "illegal" thing to do helps kickstart my creativity and imagination for brainstorming sessions.

Greatest Strengths

  • Open-mindedness and Coachability

  • Hardworking

  • Multidisciplinary (bridging terminology and knowledge gaps between multiple functions).

  • Trillingual (English, Mandarin, Thai)

  • Empathy that allows for user-centric design

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