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Loughborough Design Society

Loughborough Design Society is a platform for every one interested to explore different disciplines of design through innovative events. Our aim is to bring together a community of like-minded individuals to experience design like never before.

Design Society: Welcome


As a founder of the society, I had various roles within the society, however, my main roles included coming up with innovative events and collaborations, as well as leading a committee of five to complete tasks to ensure the success of the events. 

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Innovative Events & Milestones

Highlighting our achievements and notable events in Year 1


Freshers Week Promotion

Gaining exposure during the busy freshers' week is incredibly difficult. To let member of the community learn more about our society, we hosted two successful meet and greet sessions. We also collected over 300 interest sign-ups at the Freshers Bazaar.

October Pumpkin Carving Competition

Our first social where members came together to execute their creative pumpkin designs. This has never been done in the LSU before, however, it proved to be very popular and continued later as a LDS tradition. 

My Contribution: 1. delegating tasks to book venue, tables, get supplies and market event, 2. completing and submitting the risk assessment for approval, 3. working with the committee to figure out a judging criteria and prizes to give out to the winners.


Designing Virtual Reality

This event enabled members to create CAD models using NX 11 and view what they have created in Virtual Reality from various angles.

My Roles: 1. Getting in contact with the chair of VR Society to suggest a collaboration, 2. Liaising with the VR Society about the logistics of the event and what their members would get out of the collaboration, 3. advertising the event on social media platforms and emailing the details to members.

Hosting Our First Trip to London

Exploring new designs with our members at the Beazeley Design Show in Design Museum, London.

My Roles: 1. delegating the task of booking a coach and getting in contact with Design Museum to get group discounts, 2. discussing with the team about the trip pricing, 3. completing and submitting the risk assessment, 4. using social media to advertise heavily.


Guest Speaker: Tony Elkington

“Design products, not sketches.” On 17th February (my 20th birthday), I was able to invite to Loughborough a very special guest speaker who is a Loughborough alumni with his own design agency.

I found Tony on Instagram and got in touch with him through Linkedin. From then on, we emailed back and forth and invited him to run a workshop as an honorary guest speaker. My team helped us book a fantastic venue and get the room ready before our guest arrived.

Cake Design Social

In collaboration with Cook ‘n’ Bake Society. Another innovative event that has never been done before - not just another drinking social!


Designathon x Engineers Without Borders

12-hour design challenge by Loughborough Design Society and Engineers Without Borders Loughborough. The collaboration resulted in a one day event, featuring over 100 students from across campus and across various disciplines. The day ended with a final pitch from each team and valuable comments from the experienced design + engineering judges.

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Design Society: Past Events

LSU Awards Dinner

Loughborough Design Society single-handedly won four awards, including Best New Society, Best Society in Section and Best Partnership Award. We also got invited to the National Society Awards dinner where we were shortlisted for the Best New Society in the whole country.

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