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Introducing Hazel

Smart Light for Productivity Aid

Hazel: Intoductio

Introduction, Goals and Objectives

This is a personal project that encapsulates the intention of creating a tangible product paired with an app that can help with time management. It is the product of the application of knowledge I have absorbed during my first year of working in the tech industry as a mechanical design engineer and also my high school imagination.


While there are lots of apps out there to help with time management, they are often just one mindless swipe away from being dismissed. Moreover, to use a phone, a highly addicting device, to keep track of time (e.g. while using the Pomodoro technique) would end up distracting students, like myself back then, from the opportunities for deep work and flow.


Hazel is a tangible desktop light pod powered by a user-friendly app interface that carries three main functions. First, with calendar integration, it can remind you of when there is a meeting to attend to with an adjustable remind time. Second, aimed for students, it can use lighting indications to help students work in chunks to avoid burnout. Third, with a simple tap, it will activate the friendship lamp function.


My Design Process

Hazel Design Process Infographics.pptx.jpg
Design Process


Friendship, Safety, Focus.


Proof of Concept Prototypes

Hazel: Portfolio

App Development

The UI/UX ideation process started in high school. However, it wasn't until my first year of industry when I started Hazel again that I approached it in a more methodical way. Some of the elements from my sketches in high school made it through my final designs as you can scroll through below.

UI Development
Hazel: Pro Gallery

"Be prepared: When you are 90% done any large project (a house, a film, an event, an app) the rest of the myriad details will take a second 90% to complete."

Kevin Kelly, Co-Founder of Wired Magazine

Hazel: Quote


Market research
Market research is extremely important. For example, I designed this product to pair with Google Calendars, however, was asked later on if it supports Microsoft Outlook Calendar as well. The more feedback along the way the better.


Be really happy about how your product looks before designing the mechanical structures. Once mechanical design is ongoing it is a lot of work to drastically change the design since different designs will call for different stacking structures and arrangement.
ID is very subjective. A design language may need to be established before reviewing the designs.

Technical Lessons Learned
● When working with Neopixel, each function colour should be defined as RGB values
● Simplify. Don't overcrowd the vision. 
Potentially use transistor/capacitor to smooth out the ripples from the Neopixel LED that causes the flickering.

Cost & Lead time
Always add buffer time between tasks, but don’t get discouraged if your task is taking way longer than expected.

Hazel: Text
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