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Flight- Kinetic Sculpture: Video Player

Curatorial Rationale

My body of work is about childhood, change and growing up. It is a glimpse into my childhood memories and the fleeting experiences of life. As I will be departing for college soon, I would like to document my childhood, as well the environment I’ve grown up in. Through exhibiting my work, I would like to evoke the feeling of nostalgia within my viewers, as I believe it is a very powerful emotion that can help many of us get in touch with our truest identities. In my works, I like to integrate arts and technology to create pieces that are interactive. Similarly, I enjoy making and seeing 3D objects, so I hope I can transfer this enthusiasm and sense of excitement to my audiences. By bringing an interactive dimension into my design projects, I hope I can draw the viewers in and enable them to gain new paradigms and appreciation for 3D related mediums.

Flight manifests flux; it explores the changes and challenges, as well as the ‘ups and downs’ of life. For me, Flight also represents my connections to my family, as the recycled wine corks were taken from a collection my dad has been accumulating over the years, over family dinners where we would talk about the happenings of each day, accompanied by red wine. This kinetic wave sculpture was inspired by Reuben Margolin’s kinetic installation, Square Wave. However, instead of using heavy wooden dowels, matrix, cables and camshafts, I utilized materials I could find such as acrylic, nylon strings and recycled wine corks to form Flight. Neverland is a shadow art installation based on a familiar childhood character named Peter Pan. By using a well-known character, I hope to reconnect the viewers with their childlike curiosity and imagination by looking back at their childhood experiences. Neverland began as a digital fabrication, influenced by Niloy J. Mitra’s work on the Stanford Graphics web page.

I have made my designated exhibition space as minimalistic as possible to tuck away any distractions and allow the focus to be on my pieces. The warm light emanating from Flight creates a calm atmosphere and provides just enough light for the viewers to wander around the room. The darkness of the room enables the light boxes to function at their best, whilst also symbolising the light of hope within darkness.

Curatorial Rationale

Process Portfolio

IB Visual Arts Exhibition


Flight is a kinetic sculpture that contains 112 pieces of suspended recycled wine corks and 8 pieces of ‘mother corks ’ controlling the movements of these suspended pieces. There were highs and lows i n creating this project, just like there are highs and lows in our lives, and in some respects, our experiences resemble the movements of the waves.


Inspired by the community/environment around me, Home explores the contrast between the cultural and the industrial background of the city I was born and grew up in. The left side of the composition consists of the cultural side of the country I have lived in (temples, monks, etc.), whilst the right hand side of the composition depicts more of a city-like, technologically advanced, or industrial world.


'Neverland’ is a shadow art project that explores the themes of childhood and imagination. It aims to reconnect the viewers with their childlike curiosity and the courage to pursue their dreams. The shadow on the left panel depicts a silhouette of Peter Pan flying fearlessly in his own flair. This symbolizes the freedom of imagination we have possessed and experienced as a child. As we go through life and traditional educational systems, however, our childish wonders and dreams start to fade, and many of us start to conform. The silhouette on the right panel depicts Peter Pan sitting down in a civilized manner, looking as if he is conscious of his actions. Through this piece, I want to encourage people to chase back their childish imagination and untamed dreams by looking back at their childhood experiences.

Flight- Kinetic Sculpture: Files
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