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A 12 Hour Design and Engineering Challenge

Designathon: Welcome

Watch our event promotional video above.

Designathon: Video

After-Event Video: watch how the 12-hour challenge progressed. We are very proud of our nationwide contestants!

Designathon: Video

My Role & Reflection

Planning a Designathon from scratch has been a very valuable and fun experience. 

It provided the opportunity for students to learn about:

  • multidisciplinary teamwork. Many teams consisted of a mixture between business, design and engineering students.

  • the importance of physical modelling to test out and better communicate their concepts.

  • the importance of adaptation to external events. To implement changes in our Designathon, we introduced 'DBC News', a platform in which we give unexpected updates on current events throughout the day. These events impacted the original plans the teams created and challenged them to rethink their new strategy.

  • how to pitch their ideas to the judges. We provided optional pitching workshop sessions (taught by Loughborough Enterprise experts) towards the start of the evening.

My role:

Played as part of the Loughborough Design Society and EWB Loughborough team and did whatever was needed to create this event. Helped brainstorm ideas about 'the rules' of the event and agenda of the event day.

Created all the DBC News, promotional and after-event videos.

Supervised and assisted the contestants on the day of the event.

Designathon: Text
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